About Us

With our Registered offices in Singapore, and our Sales, Management and Operations Team residing in the Kingdom of Cambodia, we are in the heart of the South East Asian region and close to Chinese operations and requirements.

Our company is a Tobacco Trader and Manufacturer in Cambodia and in the region. We purchase and sell tobacco from Brazil, Africa, Asia, Europe, China and from the Cambodian market for our Regional and International Clients We have Leaf manufacturing facilities in Cambodia and in Zimbabwe and the Middle East for Cut Rag, CRES and DIET.

We purchase and trade tobacco from Yunnan in China and trade these tobacco's internationally and have developed markets in China and Vietnam for the Chinese tobacco including stock available in China.

Our Cambodia processing facility is positioned in the heart of the tobacco growing province of Kampong Cham with our primary objective being to provide the tobacco industry with a “truly independent Processing House that is capable of meeting international processing standards”.

Our sales have been to our established manufacturing customers and tobacco dealers for our tobacco from Cambodia, Yunnan Province (tobacco processed in Vietnam) and with Chinese tobacco's

Company Facts :

NAME OF OWNER /CEO Charlie Bailiff
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